Hi I’m Matthew, your wedding photographer with heart.

2010 saw the start of my love of photography—well truthfully it was always there—it just manifested eight years ago, with the last four years focused solely on wedding photography. Adventure location wedding shoots are a favourite of mine, capturing both the beautiful couple and stunning landscape.

Yes, I am a photographer, however, I prefer to define myself by my character and experience. I draw inspiration and ideas from my life experience (both professional and personal) to create and capture what I believe are more than just photographs, but also memories to enjoy and share for years to come.

I’ve been around the earth 31 times, and for the most part, I‘ve lived in Bathurst. In recent years I was fortunate enough to meet the beautiful Jessica, with whom I share my life. After Jessica, came my daughter Indi, then Dallas the dog, and finally my son Logan. 

My kids remind me everyday about what really matters in life. They keep me on my toes and are always trying to help dad out post photo shoot—suffice to say, they aren’t exactly super helpful, however, they are way too cute to tell them otherwise.

Here are some of the things I love—so you can get a feel for what makes me tick:

  • Coffee, tattoos, cars, beer and of course camera gear; I’m always on the look out for a new piece of equipment to add to the ever growing photographic collection.
  • Jumping in the car with no destination in particular, just a mission to capture a painted sky at sunset.
  • Hiking, waterfalls and mountains absolutely do it for me, the beauty of nature never ceases to amaze me—and yes, I always bring my camera.

In life, we take photos to remember and be reminded of a special event in time. Being that this is what I do on the daily, I feel ever so privileged to be honoured with this task at a couple’s wedding. To me weddings are one of those milestones that deserves to be documented, and why not do it beautifully, elegantly and with heart—that’s how I roll. 

I understand that being photographed isn’t everyone’s thing. Which is why I pride myself on preparation and research; making sure all of my clients are comfortable with the plan before we go ahead and shoot their wedding. I will sit with you and your partner to get a feel for your style and what’s important to you, after all, it’s not about what I think is best, it’s about what you would like for your wedding photography.

I invite you to explore my site, see my work  and get in touch with me to talk about how I can make your wedding day photos as special as they should be, enjoy.